Are deadly toxins killing you and your family?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Are deadly toxins killing you and your family?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Are deadly toxins killing you and your family?


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More Info About This HOT NEW Product:

Proven 100% Safe and Non-Toxic for long term use by people of all ages (from children to senior citizens) and animals (mammals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc.)

Made from volcanic lava source minerals named Zeolites, that have existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years.

Zeolite minerals have been widely used for thousands of years in Asia, India and Russia for health improvement.

Zeolite minerals have been used commercially since the 1950's to detoxify water, air, animal feed and soils.

It is the result of 40 years of scientific research and clinical development by a Doctor/Biochemist in Ohio.

Brand New to the Health Food Products Market: Just made available for purchase on August 15th, 2005.

Ultimate HOT NEWS! What if the main ingredient in this same product is now backed and protected by a US Patent that states that it kills cancer cells 100% of the time?

Sound too good to be true, well you don't have to believe me, here are some direct quotes from the actual US Patent #US 6,288,045 B1 entitled - EPITHELIAL CELL CANCER DRUG. (Note: This HOT NEW Product is not a drug, it is a natural mineral, which you will learn more about soon).

Unbelievable, Amazing, Incredible and yet all 100% True and EXCITING!

And it gets even better! What if the main ingredient in this wonderful product has scientific evidence and clinical studies proving that it could additionally do all the following vital and beneficial things for the health and long life of the human body?

Safely detoxifies and removes, chemicals, toxins and toxic heavy metals.

Acts as a broad sprectrum Anti-Viral Agent against most all viral diseases, from the simple cold to the most destructive viral diseases known today.

Strengthens and stabilizes the entire Immune System function.

Balances digestive PH levels and reduces acid-reflux (heartburn).

Improves nutrient absorption in digestion.

Greatly reduces your risk of ever getting cancer.

Is a potent Anti-Oxident (much more than noni or mangosteen juices).

Safe for long term use by anyone of any age, from children to senior citizens.

Tasteless clear liquid that is easy to take orally as drops, with food or drink, anytime day or night.

Small dropper bottle does not need refrigeration or special handling.

Extremely affordable so that anyone can purchase and start taking it now.


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Report From a Doctor of Chiropractic:

My name is France Carpentier, and I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 25 years.

A few weeks ago, in early September, Tari Steward and Gary Danko came to my clinic to tell me and my husband, who is also a Chiropractor, about a fantastic new health product called Natural Cellular Defense that we ought to look into for use in our clinic. I have known both of these gentlemen for years, and I knew they must have had a good reason to be so excited, so I agreed to look into it.

I listened to a CD entitled "Killer Toxins, Doctors Speak Out". I was so taken by the sincerity of those medical doctors speaking out, and because I understood the potential benefit of this unique health product, I decided then and there to become a Distributor. I went home that night and went to the Website and downloaded the Natural Cellular Defense "White Paper" (scientific research paper) and the US patent and read them both, because I needed to see the scientific aspects of it.

In my clinic I'm very picky on my choice of supplemental nutrients I offer my patients. They have to be made from organic food, no synthetic vitamins. I also offer very high quality herbs prepared by a traditional Chinese medical doctor. The standard is high, and after reading the scientific research paper, I decided Natural Cellular Defense was meeting that standard.

A few days later I received the product, and that day a patient I had not seen for weeks came in. Eight weeks prior she had been hospitalized for viral meningitis (Inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord as a result of a viral infection and characterized by fever, vomiting, intense headache, and stiff neck). She had then been on Morphine (pain killer medication) for 6 days and later released but not feeling well. Her health had been dwindling down, and she's been having pain in her head, stomach and muscles. She was nauseous and so weak that her husband had to support her when she was walking, and she was whispering to me to save her strength. I gave her a treatment and suggested to her to start taking Natural Cellular Defense in order to strengthen her immune system. She called me less than 48 hours later, and her voice was full of life when she said " Dr France I'm 85% better!!!!" I had goose bumps on my arms, I was so happy for her.

Then I started offering the Natural Cellular Defense to other patients with different health problems. One of them is a lady that had been exposed to a strong chemical when she cleaned her fireplace 3 months prior. Her breathing was laborious, she was coughing non-stop, her complexion was grayish and she was very tired. Her family practitioner had ordered chest X-rays which came out normal. I offered her to take Natural Cellular Defense. One week later she came back, gave me a thumbs up, she was smiling, she had rosy cheeks and told me her cough was gone by 90%!!!

Two years ago, my daughter had a severe tonsillitis (painful inflamation of the tonsils caused by bacterial infection). She was away at school and was put on a course of antibiotics. Despite the antibiotics she was in bed for 5 days. Last week she started to become ill with tonsillitis again. She had been taking Natural Cellular Defense for 10 days, so I told her to increase it to 15 drops 4 times a day. Two days later she got up and felt so good she said it was as if she had not been sick at all.

Every day I tell my patients and my friends to take this wonderful product. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now. I have great energy already, and with Natural Cellular Defense my running is even better!! I'm using this product as well as a healthy diet, good quality nutrients from whole food, exercise and no smoking, so I can live a long, active and healthy life. I suggest everyone should do the same.


Dr. France Carpentier, DC